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The story of Bulgaria’s first LGBT+ support organisation and the man behind it

The agony on his face was palpable as he reached for the next pull-up. At that point he was struggling for air, his body was getting numb and heavy, his arms were aching, and his muscles were throbbing and quivering. He was fixed on his goal, but it seemed so out of reach. Though the …

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Meet the face of Kenyan LGBT+ activism — An interview with Denis Nzioka

More than 10 years ago, Denis Nzioka stepped up to represent the LGBT+I community, whose voice was still non-existent in Kenya. He was the first gay man to be interviewed on TV without the benefit of anonymity. He had to face threats, intimidations as well as an assassination attempt, all coming from within a Kenyan …

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Why were we so quick to forget about RuPaul’s transmisogyny?

“Drag queens are MEN that dress as caricatures of women” This is the opinion of a transgender female – but just one opinion of many after the speculation around RuPaul’s comments on trans-competitors on his popular programme, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. For those of you who do not have social media (in which case, what are …