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PRIDE MONTH: ‘Vegan Pride’ is an insult to the LGBT+ community

Celebrating my cruelty-free lifestyle and eating great vegan food. All in my capital city, alongside hundreds of people who share my values. Maybe I could gain a few Facebook friends, or even bag myself a cute vegan to date. It sounded like my ideal event, but there was one thing stopping me from going: this …


Memes and millennials: how a sexual fluidity joke took over Twitter

The ‘I’m Gay, I’m Bi, I’m Straight’ meme became a Twitter moment just days ago; moments later, it’s essentially broken the internet. I’m: ⚪ Straight ⚪ Gay 🔘 NOT. THAT. INNOCENT! — Jonathan (@ABadDadJoke) May 25, 2018 Who knew Twitter users pasting their favourite quotes, song lyrics and niche references could attract so many …