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Own goal: right wing papers try to out Premier League footballer for being bisexual

Two newspapers have faced widespread criticism after attempting to reveal a football player’s sexuality. ‘The Sun’ and ‘the ‘Daily Star on Sunday’ both published details implying a Premier League player was bisexual, following the end of his relationship with his partner. Although ‘The Sun’ does not name the player, they publish hints about who he …

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How bisexual men are erased by both straight and gay communities

Conor Arnot, 21, started identifying as bisexual two years ago and yet most people assume that his relationship with Kate, his girlfriend, now makes him straight. That is absolutely not the case. Bisexuality does not boil down to being sometimes straight or gay. It’s not a role-play game. “If you happen to be dating a …


Memes and millennials: how a sexual fluidity joke took over Twitter

The ‘I’m Gay, I’m Bi, I’m Straight’ meme became a Twitter moment just days ago; moments later, it’s essentially broken the internet. I’m: ⚪ Straight ⚪ Gay 🔘 NOT. THAT. INNOCENT! — Jonathan (@ABadDadJoke) May 25, 2018 Who knew Twitter users pasting their favourite quotes, song lyrics and niche references could attract so many …