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Forbidden: sidelined for the ‘perfect penis size’?

GBT+ people are constantly, and scientifically (it seems) forgotten when it’s time to establish the ‘perfect’ penis size. American scientists conducted a study to ignore the wishes of queer men on a topic that, let’s face it, is important news. The study, carried out by UCLA and the University of New Mexico asked 75 women …


‘Queer Eye’ season two: everything you need to know

Still anxiously waiting for the second season of ‘Queer Eye’ to hit your screens? Well, grab your diaries, open your calendars and cancel your plans – the show will premiere on Netflix on 15 June. That’s right, the Fab Five will return in just 18 days (not that we’re counting) — less than three months …

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Pope Francis: “God made you like that and loves you,” but can he change a whole institution?

Homosexuality and the Catholic Church are oxymoronic concepts. If you are gay and act upon your sexuality, you are sinful and victim of a “moral disorder”, hence, you are to be condemned in God’s eyes. The same God who accepts and loves all – yeah, that one. Traditionally, the Catholic Church and its head, the …