Imagine putting together a last-minute Halloween costume as ‘Sex and the City’s’ Carrie Bradshaw, taking some silly photos and waking up the next morning to find your Instagram account blown up by thousands of enthusiastic responses.

Sounds like fiction, but that’s what happened to Dan Clay, the man behind Carrie Dragshaw.

Seasons change. Or at least they’re supposed to. But in New York, the seasons can get a little mixed up. In fashion, Winter is Fall and Fall is next year. In temperature, Spring was freezing and summer seemed impossible. This year, New York felt like Vogue: ruled by Wintour. If change was difficult even for the weather, did I stand a chance? Could I ever blossom from a bud to a Bella? Grow from me-me to Gigi? Hadid-n’t think so. As I took my first shot at high fashion, I couldn’t help but wonder: was I destined to miss the Marc? ….to be continued 🌱#CarrieDragshaw ———————— MARC X DRAGSHAW (Part 1 / 3) OMG! The challenge: Can you re-fashion current season Marc Jacobs into classic Carrie Looks? Thanks a million to @marcjacobs for the all-access pass. It was a pinch-me-I’m-dreaming fashion closet moment. I really hope y’all like the reinterpretations (above, the skirt is FASHUN, the jacket is DIY 😉) See you tomorrow for part 2! Hope you get a few smiles 😃

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In life, it’s not always easy to tell dreams from reality. Sometimes you’re dreaming and it feels like you’re there, and sometimes you’re there and it feels like a dream. Sometimes fiction is so real it feels like life, and sometimes life is so farfetched it feels like you’re watching a fairytale. I couldn’t help but wonder: In matters of the heart, are we ever really in charge? Or are we destined to just Watch What Happens, Live? Maybe when you can’t believe your eyes…you have to trust your heart. After all, we so often live in our heads, but maybe we dream with our hearts. And days feel unreal when you’re dancing to the beat of love. In dreams, we get to fly through cities, and float through clouds, and walk through walls. We get to meet a queen, and maybe even become one. But I had a thought: Why wait to fall asleep before you try to fly? And why wait to die before you get to heaven? Maybe if you follow your heart, you can dream yourself awake. Dream big, dream little, dream quiet, dream loud, dream in, dream out, dream early, dream late—but whatever you do, dream. #CarrieDragshaw

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With over 114k followers, a collaboration with US designer Marc Jacobs and the support of Sarah Jessica Parker and ‘Sex and the City’s’ costume designer, Patricia Field, Dan was an obvious choice for an interview. And we loved him so much to make him the front cover of our June issue.

From coming out, to SATC and drag, Dan told BENDER a lot about his life and future projects – this is one interview you don’t want to miss!

“We make these masks to hide from the outside world and with [Carrie Dragshaw], my masks don’t work anymore everybody knows I’m feminine and everybody knows I’m weird so in this strange way doing this has forced me in my day to day life to just be a little more authentic to myself.”