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Meet the face of Kenyan LGBT+ activism — An interview with Denis Nzioka

More than 10 years ago, Denis Nzioka stepped up to represent the LGBT+I community, whose voice was still non-existent in Kenya. He was the first gay man to be interviewed on TV without the benefit of anonymity. He had to face threats, intimidations as well as an assassination attempt, all coming from within a Kenyan …

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Syd and Mallory: two designers defy gender-normative fashion

The first time I stepped inside ‘Syd and Mallory’s’ bright green Emporium, I was engulfed in a whole other psychedelic world. Left was right and up was down. Literally. A pair of crossed legs sat sassily on a chair near the ceiling and artificial grass grew in the shop window. Colourful t-shirts and sweatshirts hung …

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How bisexual men are erased by both straight and gay communities

Conor Arnot, 21, started identifying as bisexual two years ago and yet most people assume that his relationship with Kate, his girlfriend, now makes him straight. That is absolutely not the case. Bisexuality does not boil down to being sometimes straight or gay. It’s not a role-play game. “If you happen to be dating a …