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Own goal: right wing papers try to out Premier League footballer for being bisexual

Two newspapers have faced widespread criticism after attempting to reveal a football player’s sexuality.

‘The Sun’ and ‘the ‘Daily Star on Sunday’ both published details implying a Premier League player was bisexual, following the end of his relationship with his partner.

Although ‘The Sun’ does not name the player, they publish hints about who he could be.

We at BENDER have decided against publishing these details, as we do not wish to invade the player’s privacy any further.

Not only did ‘The Sun’ publish these so-called clues for people to try and work out who it is, they also used gay and bisexual interchangeably… yeah because they’re the same. RIGHT? UGHHHH.

The cherry on the top of the cake? They added at the end of the article: “The Sun knows the identity of the footballer but has chosen not to reveal his name.”

When are corporate newspapers going to realise that someone’s sexuality is not their business? Nobody’s sexual identity is public information until they say it is.

Only one football player in the country has come out to the public. I hate to say it, but football is still a prejudiced profession, especially the Premier League.

In a profession like football, where only one player in the country has come out, I hate to say but football is still a prejudice profession, especially the Premier League. Outing people could be detromatic in such a homophobic profession. Think before you publish.

Added to this, neither newspaper can actually bring themselves to call they player’s partner a partner. No they have to use “lover”, the only time they state “partner” is as a direct quote.

‘The Sun’ have been accused of engaging in a ‘Witch-hunt’ and to be honest I think it’s impossible to disagree.

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