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Danny Noriega, we Adore you – ‘The Whatever Tour’ comes to Birmingham

Danny Noriega was the sweetheart and sass of American Idol back in 2008. Even then, at the age of just 19, his natural musical ability was undeniable. Little did he know that one day he would be touring the world, sharing his artistry and music with his huge fanbase under his drag persona: Adore Delano.

Her newest album, ‘Whatever’, showcases her growth as an artist. Her vocals have always been impressive, but with the latest album, she is true to her incredible drag style, a sound completely different from the pop sound that she had with her previous records. Her new music has a noticeably 90s grunge feeling and an attitude which reflects the struggle of being feminine and gay, in the somewhat suppressive society that the US can be.

Despite the transformation of her look, inside she is still the sweet personality we all fell in love with during season six of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. When I met her she was exactly as I imagined she’d be: down-to-earth, friendly and committed to meeting her fans, if a bit rushed.

That sweetness and charm was eloquently translated as she performed among her band of queer musicians. She would likely have crowd surfed on top of the hundreds of fans had she not broken her hand some days before. Although that did not stop her from being her fiery, rebellious self that night, as she flung herself around in her black leather fringe outfit. She even did small talk in between songs, intermittently interrupted by the raucous screams of fans proclaiming how much they wanted to have sex with her.

For better or for worse, it did not come to that. Delano continued rocking the whole house down as she performed, roaming round the stage, amid the blinding luminescence of her backlights. The show concluded with her singing ‘DTF’ and ‘Negative Nancy’ as encores.

With talent like Adore’s, her future in the music industry, and touring the world as a drag performer is not only cemented, but she is also paving the way for future queer artists to step onto the world’s stage.


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