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Forbidden: sidelined for the ‘perfect penis size’?

GBT+ people are constantly, and scientifically (it seems) forgotten when it’s time to establish the ‘perfect’ penis size.

American scientists conducted a study to ignore the wishes of queer men on a topic that, let’s face it, is important news.

The study, carried out by UCLA and the University of New Mexico asked 75 women which penis was the most attractive, when presented with over 33 phallic pictures in 3D glory, which Broadly reported on years back, re-sharing it again recently.

When you search Twitter to see what everyone else regards the dream dick to look like, heteronormativity is again, rife.

Judging the curves and bumps on our bodies always holds problematic possibilities, rating bodies against each other in complete egotism – the media prints stories in jest, and ignorance.

It seems Broadly isn’t alone in this quest of ignoring GBT+ people, Twitter users uniting to ougst other publications for relaying the exact same study, in GQ and Complex.

Here it is in complex:

Maybe a publication with a heterosexual audience can’t entirely be blamed for reporting a study that doesn’t appear to deliberately confine its findings to a smaller, straight, research group – but the message resonates.

That message resonates all the way into our beloved NHS website: a transphobic, cis-normative and, you guessed it: hetero-filled guide to measure penis size, what the average is, and of course “what women think”.

It quotes a professor, called Wylie: “It may come as a surprise to some young men, but most women have very little interest in the size of their penis and that’s been shown in numerous studies over time.”

His research states women prefer romance, tenderness and sensitivity. What about if you don’t want that? To put forward a strange concept…what if you’re not a woman, uninterested in compassionate, or, monogamous sex?

Scientists need to wake up, as do the publications that promote them: products of years ago aren’t forgiven in forgetting the queer community, it’s 2018 and we want better.

Unapologetic, because someone’s got to be.

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